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Because all our courses can be viewed on most Smart Phones, Laptops or PC's, class time is on YOUR time. Lunch break, train ride or just lounging on the couch. Although we do recommend a Laptop or PC.

Smartly Created & Maintained.

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Easy to use course navigation lets you stop and pickup where you left off. Daily life is busy enough without letting your courses control you. Take control with courses that start when you're ready. OCT works to curate and maintain our courses as things change or we receive constructive feedback.

Flexible & Customizable.

Leveraging Simplicity

We attempt to keep our course topics narrow. We believe this allows students to pick the sections they prefer. Unlike the music album, we don't force you to buy for the whole album for the one or two songs you want to hear.

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We tiptoe through life hoping to safely make it to death.

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